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Late to The Game


As I stand And watch them say goodbye

Did all the years become a lie?

I was born to love like this, I know

But I have to let them go


The years have passed me by

With fears that wouldn’t die


The time has come they said would come so fast

I’ve never known a love to last 

It's time for me to be just by myself

This life of mine belongs to no one else


The years have passed my by

With fears that wouldn’t die


I’m Late to the game, I’m Late to the game I’m Late


All the days, All the years, All the smiles. All the tears

All the pain, every burn, all the rules they didn’t learn come down to today.


As they turn around and I’m alone

My brave smile is hiding pain I've never shown

It's my turn to find the girl before she changed her name

And what’s beyond her shame?


Late to the Game, I’m Late, Late to the game, I’m late


Where's the girl, Where's the fire, Wheres the one they admire, Where's my chance to to show them all the strength I had before my fall


Im here, 

Right here

I’m just Late to the game.

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